Vintage Inspired 100% Merino Shawl in Bianco
Vintage Inspired Baby Shawl in Bianco - 100% Merino

Vintage Inspired Baby Shawl in Bianco - 100% Merino

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Inspiration for the design of this particular baby blanket was taken from vintage crochet and knitting patterns. It is a special little gem that can easily pass as one of those old school delicate hand knits, yet it has a modern appeal.

Our Vintage Inspired Baby Shawl is produced using an exceptional grade of high quality anti-pill 100% Merino Yarn. 

Why Choose Merino? Merino is a super-fine and non-irritant wool that’s incredibly lightweight and warm. Unlike man made fibres, our woven merino ‘breathes’, and is naturally resistant to flame, dirt and creasing. 

A generous size at 1100x800mm, the shawl is a great essential doubled over in the bassinet or crib, or as a throw for the cot.

And it really is one of the most beautiful gifts for baby showers or christenings.