Heirloom Baby Limited - our story


A bassinet we used for our babies (the third generation of babies that had slept in it, pictured above, although without the old horse hair mattress) - a knitted toy monkey that my great-grandmother knitted for me that now resides in my son's cot - the delicate, cream wool baby shawl my mother gave to me when I had my first baby (it had been my own)...

There's a certain fascination for the items we use at significant times in our lives, and the reasons they are kept for years, in a world where we prefer to de-clutter and dispose. An appreciation for living in a way that focuses on less 'stuff' but instead appreciating things that last the distance and are beautiful to use, goes some way to explaining the concept of Heirloom Baby Limited.

For something to become a forever keepsake it must be of a certain style (timeless, which may or may not represent the latest in trends) and of a certain quality. And for the person who will remember the last time something was used, the possession will forever be treasured.

We've been selling our blankets and shawls for several years now, and the feedback we've received to say they are to be 'kept' to pass on to other generations is success in our eyes.

Julie Jones 
Owner - Heirloom Baby Ltd


Feedback we've received (many thanks for your comments)

The blanket is beautiful and I love love love the colour!
- S Worthington

Soo happy with the shawl, I love it!!! Get loads of comments on it too…
My sister got one from you once and totally loves it for her baby!
- M Stewart

Received the second blanket for our second grandchild. I am glad you will be continuing to make these lovely blankets. Don't go away, I might need another one day!!
- S Winstanley

We gave our daughter one as a newborn and it's her favourite thing in the world, so we'd like her to be able to give one to her new baby sibling who is due the beginning of March.
- K Murphy

The blankets are so beautiful in our luxury baby hampers.
- A Manhood, Willow & Wolfe

Love the shawl because of the vintage style, it's adaptable to use as a wrap when they are young to a light blanket when they are older. I even had someone ask me if someone had hand knitted it for me!
- K Plumtree

Absolutely love our merino shawl, so soft and snuggly, while being a timeless piece to keep to give bubs when they hopefully have a family!!
- E Andree-Wiltens

I've been meaning to email you to say thank you again for sending down the gorgeous heirloom blanket. We're all so taken with it! It's pretty much our favourite thing we've bought so far and we both keep touching it. My Mum is also a particular fan. Because I love it so much, I think I want to get the air cell blanket in dusk as well.
- L Monahan